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Shanda Beste, founder of Inner Chi Wellness, is a holistic bionetic practitioner who specializes in mind-body connection, in the exploration of “why” a body gets sick, and how to use herbs, homeopathics, nutrition, yoga and energy shifting techniques to restore & maintain health.

Shanda’s training and study is in Traditional Chinese Medicine and the five element theory, whose principles are the background of acupressure, applied kinesiology, and nutrition designed in harmony with the seasons. This ancient five element theory is also the basis of feng shui, the ancient art of placement, which Shanda also employs as a real estate agent and consultant.

A serial entrepreneur & dynamic speaker, a classical ballet dancer and yoga instructor, Shanda is gifted with healing touch and strong intuition. She delights in using her analytical skills to help her clients see patterns between stressful life events and health imbalances and delights in helping them build a personalized roadmap back to better-than-ever health, joy and empowerment.

Shanda Beste

Inner Chi Wellness

Even the butterfly thinks she's dying as she's emerging from the cocoon!

We all want to feel great in our bodies, to be pain-free, to feel like we’re living our life’s purpose…  happy, blessed and loved unconditionally! And sometimes, that’s easy.

But sometimes it feels almost impossible.

At Inner Chi Wellness, we offer a wide variety of tools and techniques to make things easy again… from correcting a long-standing health imbalance, to improving your love life and relationships, to increasing your wealth & abundance.

We offer services in person and over the phone to help you get back to the life you’re supposed to be living.

Riviera Yoga Mat Board

Our Favorite Paddleboard


Designed first as a yoga platform, then as a paddleboard… it is the ultimate for yoga and a dream to paddle, handle, and store!
Not only is this our absolute FAVORITE board, it’s an awesome clearance deal!
It’s so much our favorite board, we bought the remaining inventory from their warehouse. There are only a few left. Order yours today!

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News and Articles

Shanda SUP Yoga Dragonfly


For me, paddleboard yoga is the ultimate… a true sun salutation! Bringing your practice out in nature helps alkalize the body and practicing on the board helps develop additional strength, flexibility and balance as you hone your beauty from the inside out.

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Yoga Dance Logo


Yoga Dance is a synergy of the best of yoga & dance, designed to stimulate brain function, facilitate emotional release & bring a feeling of ecstasy.

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Candle Magic Artisan Aromatherapy


Artisan Aromatherapy offers pure ‘hypoallergenic” plant based candles without synthetic fragrances. There are no plant-based scents such as “leather,” “hot apple pie,” or “aloe & green tea.” Anytime you see a scent with such a name, it’s likely a synthetic fragrance. Candle Magic candles offer…

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Success Stories

Karen Crossfit gym

Karen won a silver medal in Olympic national training after discovering a hidden block keeping her from her goal

She enrolled in the Accelerated Path To What You Want program on April 28, 2015. We discovered how a “weight limit” was programmed into her autonomic nervous system during her childhood. This “weight limit” worked to her benefit her during adolescence, but now in her adulthood, it was actually hurting her and holding her back.

Her Silver Medal win was exactly 16 weeks after our first session in the Path To What You Want Accelerated Program!

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Karen Silver Medal

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